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Adapted is the unabridged autobiography of writer Josh Barry and his constant struggle with his own identity as a result of having Cerebral Palsy due to complications at his birth. Determined to live a “normal” life with mainstream expectations, Josh explains his lifelong quest to be accepted into society, from his parents fight to get him into state education to being welcomed into the entertainment industry, deeming his disability irrelevant.In this book, we get a revealing insight into what it’s like to rely on others for almost all physical activities and the psychological effect of having 24 hour support. Yet despite this, Josh has enjoyed many successes both professionally and socially and has cultivated quite an original perception on the world which we get to see throughout.This is a unique take on the against all odds story so expect to be inspired and entertained at the same time. You’ll be crying with tears and laughter in this brutally honest account of being a disabled person in the twenty first century.Prepare for lots of eyebrow raising and belly laughs as we enter the bizarre and occasionally dramatic world of Josh Barry!


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