Oh! I Remember Him

Oh! I Remember Him


“Oh I remember him …” follows the remarkable story of Mike “Squeaky” McClean. From his early years growing up in one of Manchester’s roughest areas with Spanish & Irish parents and Dad regularly out of work, to presenting on two of TV’s most iconic shows, THE BIG BREAKFAST and RICHARD & JUDY throughout the noughties. Rubbing shoulders (literally in the case of Britney Spears) with many of the biggest stars of the day, including Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and pulling off one of TV’s funniest gags with Russell Crowe at the Oscars.  We learn how through sheer nerve, determination and wit, Mike overcome many disappointments, including being “let go” by Manchester City in his early teens and leaving school at 15 with only a CSE in metalwork. How the accidental discovery of Paul Daniels’ Magic Book (the first whole book Mike read) would totally change the course of his life (“now THAT’S magic!”) and how his years of performing in talent shows (alongside Gary Barlow) and countless rough pubs, finally paid off. Mike also reveals what it was really like, working week in week out with Britain’s best loved TV married couple and how pinching a bowl of jelly sweets, led to working with Ricky Gervais in THE OFFICE Christmas Special. “Oh I remember him…” is an enthralling, funny, heart-warming and self-deprecating read.


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