Subject Six

Subject Six


The story of the world’s first superhero. As a writer and reporter, Benji Wilson wants to make this dramatic tale as authentic and immersive as possible; throughout the book, he includes original Whatsapps, emails and articles as well as transcripts of interviews and phone calls with the key people. As he investigates the origins of Subject Six and explores the reaction to his arrival, Wilson, through a weaving together of pop science and pop theology, unfolds a thriller narrative and gets sucked into the battle for Subject Six and his powers.Subject Six was born Enosh Blake, a tech billionaire who at 32 was diagnosed with cancer. Before the illness took hold, he chose to have himself cryogenically frozen and sent into orbit to keep safe from natural disaster or human conflict until he could be cured. Two years later, Enosh’s Cryopod crash lands into the English Channel and he emerges on the shore a changed being – he doesn’t breathe or bleed, he doesn’t feel pain and he can heal himself. What happens next is a fight for belief, survival and understanding mixed with betrayal and loss.


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