The SMARTASS Recruiter

The SMARTASS Recruiter


Are you a new recruiter looking to make an impact in your role? Are you considering a career in recruitment but don’t know what to expect? Are you frustrated by the negativity surrounding the recruitment industry? In The SMARTASS Recruiter, Jackie Handy talks candidly about how to stand out from the recruitment crowd and to truly take charge of your results and your reputation. With over 2 decades spent in the industry, Jackie provides her no-nonsense approach to all things recruitment. With personal stories, humour and numerous practical tips, she shows recruitment consultants her step-by-step guide to providing exceptional service and achieving outstanding personal results. In this book, you’ll discover: The key to successful sales – How to sell without actually selling How to create target lists that build your personal brand quickly How to attract and take control of your candidates and clients Why traditional goals don’t work (and how SMARTASS will change that) Why smart lazy is the way forward Your pay cheque is yours to write, but only if you follow the recipe. If you’re a serious and committed recruiter who wants the ingredients for success, then this is the book for you.


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