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Are you struggling to finish or even start your manuscript?  

Our twice weekly interactive webinars will give you the help and encouragement you need to get the words out of your head and on to the paper!  Writing can be a lonely occupation, but meeting with other authors will not only give you a break in your writing schedule, but also allow you to draw inspiration from other like minded people.


You do not need any special equipment or downloads to join the webinar – just follow the link that we send you on meeting days and join in the conversation.  Times and days will be arranged to suit the majority of the group.

Membership to the group is free …

  •  Meet other Authors
  • Talk through the problems that you are facing
  • Beat writers block
  • Get practical advice from professional authors
  • Be encouraged by others in the group

All Authors who complete their manuscripts in 4 months will qualify for 50% discount on all FCM publishing services

We aim to make the process of becoming a published author as painless as possible, leaving you with all the excitement and pride that your hard work deserves.

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