Publishing Packages

We understand that at times you may need help with some of the aspects of publishing and if we’re not in a position to offer you a traditional deal we can work with you utilising one of our Partnership Publishing packages.  We also offer individual services such as:-

  • Author coaching
  • Editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Formatting

Obviously, each book is different and so costs can change depending on book size. 

We offer a full editing and promotional package. Whether you are writing a novel or business manual we can help you take your story from conception to print and to sale.

This package includes:-


We will register your book and provide you with your IBSN No (this is necessary if you wish to sell your book).  We will also need to register your imprint with Nielsen Book Registration service.

Author Support 

we will help with your concept and story line, give you that boost when you’re flagging and a bunk up to get you over that wall!

Editing & Proofreading 

Once written we’ll proofread, suggest areas that may require change and ensure that your book is fully ready to go to print.

Cover Design

We’ll create a stunning cover that emphasises your book and will make you jump out from the shelves.


Once complete we’ll format the book to the correct size and layout for both e-book and hard copy. You can choose which size you would like the book to appear in print.

Printed Copies

You’ll receive 100 printed copies to promote your sales with. We will also add your book to Amazon for immediate distribution.

Social Media

We will create your social media platforms and post on your behalf, we’ll also add you to suitable groups to ensure that you receive the best exposure.


We will send out press releases on your behalf informing the local and national book press of your submission. We will contact media and obtain interviews for you to promote your book.

Total package from £5000 

Contact us today to talk to us about your book and how we can help.


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