Phil Quirk - Legacy Ancient Philosophy For Modern Minds

In taking this journey with Phil, you will learn to: –





Chris Averill - Build Sell Retire

Everything you need to know about growing and selling a business

Over 50 practical tips from Chris and other successful business owners on how to get your business ready for sale, who to sell to and how to make the most money from the sale.

Mariette Richardson - Free The Hidden Speaker Inside

How Your Voice Can Make You Money and Give You the Life You Desire

An inspirational and compassionate book challenging you to confront your uncertainties about speaking in front of people. Business Book Of The Year Finalist 2021

Jos Burton - Be Useful

* Business Book Awards 2019 Finalist

“Stop trying to be amazing, start being useful.” Jay Baer If the thought of trying to be amazing or brilliant doesn’t do it for you, aim to be useful instead. 

Parveen - The Spice Queen

* As Seen On TV

Parveen is passionate about her culture as well as her cuisine, as a wife and mum of three, she is a keen advocate of Indian home cooking as well as a dedicated cookery teacher. 

Oh I Remember Him

follows the remarkable story of Mike “Squeaky” McClean


Josh Barry

Reflections from the White Tunnel

Phil Olley

Bullying & harassment of Adults

Jacqueline Mansell

I'm Champion

In his own words Bob talks of his early life, his path to becoming a professional jump jockey and how it felt being at the top of his game only to have it come crashing down with life-threatening diagnosis.

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FCM Why Us?

Why should you choose to work with FCM Publishing? Having worked with business owners and entrepreneurs from all sectors this is what you can expect from us…

  • Specialists in book creation for business owners – we can help you position yourself as a key person of influence in your sector
  • Demonstrable track record of success for our clients achieving hundreds of thousands of additional sales revenues following publication of their first book
  • Become a brand through your book and provide brand extensions with additional services including audio versions of your book.
  • We only take on projects we are passionate about and where we can believe we can deliver value.
  • A unique onboarding process in which we get to know our clients and their businesses in order to ensure that the book is written to maximise returns
  • Frequently become a trusted long-term part of our customers wider teams and support networks.
  • The experience of having an expert writer/writing mentor, with the backup of an extensive team.
  • Bespoke packages, tailored to fit service requirements
  • Emotionally intelligent guidance – we will keep you accountable and on project and ensure only your best ideas and material are retained in your final manuscript.
  • Experts in discovering your authentic voice creating a balance between technical and emotional to ensure the book positions you as an authority
  • Our founder lectures on marketing in the modern age for Lincoln University International Business School
  • This is your journey and one we endeavour to keep enjoyable and fun throughout.

Where will your book take you? Send us your book idea now and let’s make it happen!

Why write a book as a business owner 

As a business owner you’re aware of the importance of being seen as a person of influence in your industry. Having a book makes the statement that not only are at the top of your game, you’re the one setting the trends and writing the guide on how it should be done. By raising your head above the business parapet you’re prepared to stand by your words and letting yourself be seen.

A business book offers:-

  • Credibility, setting yourself to be the expert in your field and standing by your words.
  • Market reach and profile
  • The best business card in the world
  • Great entry level product to showcase your experience and capabilities and allow a prospective client to get to know more about you and your philosophy before committing to more expensive services – an essential tool in an optimised marketing ecosystem
  • Humans naturally communicate via stories, in telling even technical knowledge in this format of a story you are able to transfer complex concepts and information.

Direct & Indirect Benefits

Unless your name is Richard Branson or Tony Robins, writing a business book is unlikely to generate a major direct income.  However, as our clients have found, it can generate literally hundreds of thousands worth of additional sales for your business.

Creation of a book creates a significant repository of information from which you can slice, dice and segment to use for client communication and social media.

“To teach is to learn twice” – in taking the time and discipline to commit your thoughts and knowledge to paper, you will also gain a better insight into how you know what you know and do what you do….

And it’s not all about the money… there are a whole raft of potential self-actualising benefits too:


  • Tick that item off your bucket list
  • Make your mum and kids proud
  • Give something back

The Inside Story Author Interview Series

Andy Price & Simon Young – Bullsh*T, Privacy, Toasters, Videos And YouTube Marketing

Craig Collinson – Improve Your Life

Gordon MacLelland – Two Hats

Dominic Watson – Rockstar Retirement Programme

Simon Laffin – Behind Closed Doors

Mariette Richardson – Free The Hidden Speaker Inside

Phil Olley – Reflections From the White Tunnel

Parveen Ashraf – Parveen the Spice Queen

Melinda Coss – Your Age Is Your Business

Jos Burton – Be Useful

Chris Averill – Build Sell Retire

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