Freedom from Bosses Forever

Freedom from Bosses Forever


Are you looking for business advice that’s delivered in a refreshing and easy to digest way? While many traditional business books are written in a formal and academic style, Freedom from Bosses Forever takes you on a slightly different, yet equally valuable journey.Narrated by fictional fashionista Leonora Soculitherz (so-cool-it-hurts), Freedom from Bosses Forever is a satirical account of how one woman unearthed the bare essentials of ‘own business’ success while probing a government and big business conspiracy.The book’s fictional characters, easy-to-follow storyline and concise narration provide the perfect platform for Tony Robinson OBE to share his personal business experiences with the reader.If you’re a fan of business and political humour/satire, this book is an absolute MUST READ for you!Likewise, if you’re just starting out in the world of business, the real-life tips contained within this book will be priceless.Freedom from Bosses Forever is a rare find among the usual business books that people reach for when they want to get a potentially lucrative idea moving.The late, great Global tech entrepreneur Stefan Topfer referred to it as “The funniest hard-hitting business book, that is absolutely full of business truth”. In fact, Topfer was so enamoured with the pearls of wisdom of the book’s fictional narrator (Soculitherz) that he gave her a monthly column in his well-known ‘SME Blog’ for many years.As a special bonus, readers also get given links to the author’s favourite (and free) enterprise support websites – a virtual treasure trove of extra knowledge.Having first appeared as ‘Stripping for Freedom’ in 2009, the version of this classic satire on sale through Amazon is the seventh improved revision. It is available in kindle, paperback and audio book forms.Tony Robinson OBE tours the UK giving conference talks on ‘Why Freedom from Bosses Forever is best for business, life and HAPPINESS’.


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