Resilience: A Choice

Resilience: A Choice


Resilience: A Choice for Everyday is published in a quick to read compact handbook. Drawing on psychological subject matter this is not an academic study but is designed to be accessible for every day, as a stand-alone resource or a spring board for further development. The handbook is divided into short sections and interspersed with single positive words embodying a resilient outlook and good advice succinctly encapsulated in the form of quotations. The handbook is intended to provide a pathway to gain deeper insights about yourself and others. In developing your inner strength, personal energy and an approach to living life to the full, you will also increase your power to understand other people, so enhancing your ability for empathy and for building supportive relationships. By taking the opportunity to read and use this handbook you will have the pointers to: Eliminate the experience of ‘being present in body but not in mind and spirit’ Mitigate against stress Prevent the ‘costs’ of reduced personal resilience upon yourself and on the people around you Build and reinforce your everyday powers of resilience Drive the negatives out of the way and maintain determination, focus and purpose To The Point Handbooks – Transformational Handbooks for Business and Personal Development Increasing your ability to survive and thrive!


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