Paul Birch

Paul is forty-five years old and proud to hail from the picturesque, cold, ridiculously hilly & insular county of Yorkshire.

Paul is a qualified ‘Level 3 Personal Trainer’ & ‘Level 2 Gym Instructor’ and in his spare-time, he has spent the last seven years helping hundreds of people lose weight, get fitter and live healthier lives.

A keen runner and kettlebell swinger, he is quite frankly obsessed with fitness. So much so, that when you’re reading this, he’ll probably be out on a jog.

A deluded LFC fan, Paul is clinging on to the hope that one year, the ‘mighty’ Liverpool will win the Premiership. And if you want to discuss, Paul is more than happy to chat over a beer or four.

An office geek for most of his adult life, Paul has had the (dis)pleasure of working for West Yorkshire Police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission & the University of Cambridge in a long, eye-opening and diverse career.

Sarcastic, opinionated but very funny, Paul is extremely passionate in his quest to promote good nutrition, fitness, having fun & adopting a positive mindset.

Resistance is futile.

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