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The author discarded the first draft because she said “…it was yet another book on public speaking”. She then proceeded to visualise a client in front of her and wrote as if she is busy coaching. The result is a free-flowing, entertaining book instilling confidence in any person in the business arena who is faced with having to do presentations or deliver reports.

It offers straight forward advice provided in a concise and emphatic way to help improve peoples’ skills when speaking in public, enabling them to win new business and increase profits. The author says your voice is your most neglected business tool. Hone your speaking skills and experience the positive impact it has not only on your career, but also your life. One of her clients writes: “This book inspired me to make a positive change within myself, believe in myself more and start setting higher goals for my career and personal development.”

This book is aimed at everyone who speaks in public no matter what level they may be at as the advice is applicable to all speakers whether it is in front of an audience, in the boardroom or online. The audiobook is even more gripping because the listener experiences Mariette’s coaching style first-hand in a relaxed and informative way.

The book reassures one that it’s perfectly normal to feel judged when you face a myriad of strangers but by providing the tools and tricks of the trade, one gains the courage to stand up and face the challenge. More experienced speakers are guided to progress from a good speaker to a memorable speaker.

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