Dominic Watson

Dominic Watson has spent the majority of his working life as a specialist business broker and management consultant, helping owners of small to medium-sized businesses to sell their enterprises and to plan for retirement, or a change of lifestyle, focus or career.

He has had the unique insight of watching thousands of people plan and enter the retirement phase of their lives. He has helped many of these people to go on to live highly rewarding post working lives, or on alternative career paths. He has observed and actively sought out the answers to what works and leads to happiness and what does not.

Dominic is regularly asked to provide talks by the likes of NatWest Bank, Optix Software, Cardiff University and the Association of Independent Opticians to help people plan for their future. At time of writing, he was in his mid-40s and lived with his wife and two young sons in an idyllic village in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

Dominic is practising what he preaches and is well on track with his own Rock Star Retirement Programme, living life to the full on all levels.

Rockstar Retirement is available here

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