Bullying & Harassment of Adults

Bullying & Harassment of Adults


Bullying and harassment is not only a problem for those immediately affected by the experience but also for wider society. Bullying and harassment has a negative impact upon individuals but also has consequences for the economy, productivity, moral and wellbeing. Acquiescence to bullying and harassment sets the bar for all citizens, from the young to the old. Bullying and Harassment of Adults is not a legal handbook or a procedural guide but is a book about behaviour and its consequences. Published as an easy to use format this book is divided into distinct sections which eases you through key areas relating to the bullying and harassment of adults: • Understanding human behaviour • Seeing the bigger picture. The relationship between prejudice and discrimination with harassment and bullying. Creating awareness that bullying and harassment are on a continuum of behaviours • Recognising how harassment and bullying is manifested • Making sense of being bullied and harassed • Overcoming the experience of bullying and harassment The handbook is useful for: • Individuals who have experienced or are going through the experience of bullying and harassment, to help increase insight about what was/is happening • Those who are providing support to someone who is being bullied or harassed in order to increase understanding of what the individual is going through • Organisations and others to recognise the moral issues and wider implications of bullying and harassment and its insidious nature in eroding a culture of respect


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