Reflections From The White Tunnel

Reflections From The White Tunnel


On 18 March 1999, Phil Olley woke up on a pavement, surrounded by paramedics. He had died. And been brought back to life. He remembers having the full white-tunnel experience. This book is the connection between that experience and the work he has done ever since; working with people to improve their level of success in business, in their careers, and in every aspect of their life. The book is designed for those who – want to change the way they are living and the results they are getting. – believe there’s got to be a better way of living than what they are currently doing. – are aware there’s an untapped potential they want to uncover in their own lives. – are imaginative, creative, intelligent enough to realise that growth is essential, change is essential, and that it’s no good settling for a life way below that which you are truly capable of. It’s also for those who are fascinated by the near-death experience and who want to draw lessons and insights from such events, in the search to understand their significance and make sense of life.


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