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Chelle Verite

 Empowerment Coach, adoptee, TEDx Speaker, BPD sufferer, and divorcee Chelle Verite has enabled thousands of people worldwide to catapult their life into positive action.

Of Scottish and Caribbean decent, Chelle is a mixed-race adoptee who grew up as the only face of colour in the 23,000 people of the Shetland Isles by Jewish Agnostic parents. Her career in Corporate and Positive Psychology kickstarted 22 years ago after graduating BSc Hons in Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Today, she spends her time coaching, and empowering individuals and companies worldwide (including the likes of Channel 4, Just Eat Takeaway, Home Instead, The Royal College of Art London, KONE, and Olympic athletes including the Men’s GB 4x400m Relay Team to name a few) so they can transform and generate true life and career success 

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