Phil Olley

Following an exciting military career, Phil entered business in 1990.

A life-threatening (and life-changing) near-death experience coupled with his wide experience of leadership, business and sales, helped him to distil the ingredients of success into clearly understandable principles and in 1999 he established a performance coaching practice and began working with a number of businesses and individuals to help them set goals, generate peak performance and grow their businesses.

He quickly became a sought-after inspirational speaker and has worked with people in all fields of endeavour, throughout the world, from company owner-managers to strategic leaders in international brands.

Phil is no stranger to the media, has written articles and columns for magazines, is often quoted in the national press, has frequently appeared on BBC radio, and has contributed to prime-time TV programmes.

He has written two previous books on the subject of focus and success:

  • Counting Chickens
  • RESULT! Think Decisively, Take Action, Get Results

His latest book “Reflections from the White Tunnel” connects his Near Death Experience with a set of principles (The NEXUS Code) he has developed to help people from all walks of life, all businesses, professions and career paths, to enhance their performance, generate fresh results, and build true success, by living a “life on purpose”.

In addition to speaking at conferences and business events, and running Masterclasses and seminars, Phil works with select individual clients.

The growing reputation of his NEXUS Experience events means they are now attended by people from all walks of life who want to find enrichment, achievement, and fulfilment in their careers, businesses, and personal lives.

Reflections from the White Tunnel is available here

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